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Economic and trade activities of companies


LNA advises clients in negotiating, drafting and implementing contracts or contract clauses, terms and conditions of sale or purchase, and negotiating the terms of the severance of economic relations.


LNA assists and represents clients in proceedings concerning the interpretation or breach of contract, failure or non-performance of obligations, debt collection and enforcement.


LNA assists clients in arbitration.


LNA has expertise and experience in finding amicable solutions to disputes.

Corporate Law


LNA assists companies and their leadership in the establishment of appropriate structures, corporate restructuring and capital increase, transmission of companies, disposals, acquisitions, guarantee assets and liabilities, taking into account heritage and tax stakes.

  • Monitoring of distressed companies, turnarounds and liquidations.
  • In labor law, LNA drafts and negotiates contracts between companies and employees.
  • In commercial leases, LNA assists in negotiation, drafting and conclusion of contracts and litigation renewal, as well as assignment of goodwill.


LNA assists companies and their officers or partners in the processes of failure or non-performance of their obligations, procedures relating to business difficulties, liquidation, reorganization proceedings, the proceedings before civil or commercial courts.

Partners in charge

Pierre-André Netter (corporate and tax)
Anne-Charlotte Ansel (labor law, real estate)
Isabelle Lacoste

Taxation / Estates

LNA has a generalist approach and covers many aspects of French and international taxation.

  • Most taxes and duties: business taxes (income tax, VAT, etc.), income tax, CSG, inheritance or gift, ISF (wealth tax), other stamp duties.
  • All taxpayers, corporations national or international associations, individuals resident or non-resident.


LNA audits the estate tax situations of individuals and businesses to identify tax optimization solutions and consults in asset management, investment in France and abroad including expatriation.


LNA assists clients during audits and procedures, and pre-litigation and litigation before both administrative and judicial courts.

Liability / Risk


LNA offers consultations and assessments of issues on legal and economic risks in the area of responsibility, negotiation and transactions. LNA advises clients in negotiations, drafting and implementing contracts or contract clauses, terms and conditions of sale or purchase, and negotiating the terms of the severance of such contracts.

Litigation / expertise

LNA regularly intervenes in cases of liability litigation, compensation for damages and assists clients in the areas of legal expertise in the industrial, chemical, renewable energies : hydroelectricity, wind farms (on shore and off-shore), photovoltaic, computer science, and new technologies fields.

New Technologies ICT


LNA has a special competence appropriate to new technologies firms. It advises and assists companies in business structure, negotiations, and execution of contracts for the supply of materials and services.


LNA represents clients in proceedings for failure, breach or termination of contracts, liability in litigation and Internet fraud, network and information technology.

Partner in charge

Maroussia Netter-Adler

Personal Law


LNA advises individuals on their personal, professional and patrimonial issues, and assists in negotiations with their employers.


LNA defends individuals in employment tribunals, residential leases and consumer disputes concerning the execution or termination of contracts, and in family law matters, particularly with regard to divorce, custody of children and personal status.

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