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Renee Langer-Netter, who held a certificate of specialization in business law, created Cabinet LNA in 1970. LNA partners have each worked closely with her and benefit from her unique expertise, vision and strategic perspective.

LNA is an independent organization that advises, assists and defends industry groups, corporations, insurance companies, small businesses, executives and individuals, in France and abroad.

LNA senior partners share a common vision of the legal profession, which emphasizes rigor, responsiveness, tenacity and availability in order to meet all clients’ expectations.

Global Reach

Since its inception, LNA maintains a strong partnership with external law firms, lawyers, notaries, law faculties, financiers, auditors, accountants, in France and abroad. Similarly, LNA represents foreign law firms in France.

LNA operates around the world in areas of high technology and offers its clients a complete range of services to resolve legal issues in a timely manner while preserving their economic, technical and personal interests.

The strength of the firm is the flexibility of its competent and qualified team.

Our Method

Working closely with its clients and their concerns, LNA develops a strategy appropriate to their legal issues, advises and assists in the establishment and development of their business and in negotiations.

LNA advises and represents clients in litigation, arbitration and judicial matters.

LNA controls and puts into practice the methods of alternative dispute resolution so that its clients are fully involved in the decision-making processes and solutions.

Our People

LNA is organized in competency clusters around one or more partners in the areas of business law, contract law, tort law, industrial risks, new technologies, commercial law, corporate law and tax law.

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