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53 Avenue de Breteuil
75007 Paris FRANCE
T +33 1 45 67 01 23
F +33 1 45 67 33 86

8C Avenue de Champel
T +41 22 347 44 40
F +41 22 347 44 41

An efficient network

LNA members, lawyers, associates, and our external partners, share similar values of client service and the same team approach, to deliver to our clients the expertise essential to defense and strategy issues.

LNA knows the importance of choosing the very best partners for performing the technical aspects, technological and financial issues, both locally and abroad, and has established working relationships with partners for over 40 years.

The organization and availability of the team

LNA is sensitive to the specific culture of the companies we assist. We deliver the resources, experience, and know-how of larger firms with the responsiveness and total access so important in legal matters.

Lawyers generally work in pairs on cases to bring responsiveness, availability, and multiple skills and perspective.

LNA develops with all Partners and Associates of the Office client relationship.

Listening and exchanging to understand the challenges clients face to provide them with the most appropriate solutions and most innovative.

Transparency of fees

Generally, fees are charged on an hourly basis and the amount varies depending on the area of intervention and the technicality of the subject concerned. LNA members work is always carried out according to the instructions and under the supervision of the Partner (or Partners) responsible for the file. A success fee may be applied in addition to the hourly rate under conditions agreed to with the customer.

An estimate can be prepared at the request of the customer.

The customer is kept regularly informed of progress and monitoring the file and associated costs. Billing is as appropriate—monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

LNA firm believes that transparency of fees charged is an essential element of mutual trust between the firm and its clients.

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